Get Set 4 Life™

Friendship Village offers you a unique way to plan for the future and get the most out of life. By focusing on four key areas, we help you plan and live a secure,
successful future… guaranteed.

The Get Set Guarantee

A safeguard for the years ahead, the Get Set Guarantee gives residents a place to live and care for life. For a one-time entrance fee, you ensure that the years ahead are secure. Should you exhaust your financial resources one day – and you have met required eligibility guidelines – you can remain at the community. The Get Set Guarantee lets you enjoy today without worry for tomorrow and that’s a beautiful thing.

Financial Stability


With a choice of refundable entrance fee plans offering control over the future cost of care, residents have a way to preserve their assets. You’ll also enjoy a convenience-filled lifestyle and the security of financial predictability.


As a resident of Friendship Village, you and your children will have peace of mind knowing that you are set with a place to live, a continuum that offers the care you need when you need it, and all of the support the community provides.

Health Wellness


We offer a variety of programs to maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual health. From customized fitness programs to heart-healthy meals and wellness events, Friendship Village helps people age successfully.



At Friendship Village, there are always plenty of things to do. With an exceptional selection of amenities and more than 500 programs and events every month, residents often find that their calendars are always full.

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