Prevention and protocols on Coronavirus (OLD)

We are closely monitoring the updates on the changing COVID-19 situation. The following actions have been implemented as precautionary steps, to minimize the impact of the virus on residents and staff.

We recognize people are concerned about Coronavirus in the U.S. and we are taking all of the necessary precautions to keep you safe and healthy. Since many illnesses like the flu and COVID19 are more aggressive for older populations, we are asking those who are ill to not come to the community.

Please share this information with your family and friends and encourage them to stay away until they are not contagious. We also have a plan in place to address associates who are ill and to ensure they remain away from the community until they are deemed healthy by CDC standards.

We have a plan in place to address those who show symptoms of COVID19 and other illnesses, restrict visitors, and increase medical supplies. Rest assured, all year long we employ these types of precautions to protect our residents.

Medical professionals advise that prevention is the best form of protection. We encourage all residents, associates and guests to wash hands thoroughly and often, use hand sanitizer, refrain from touching your face, and keep a safe social distance from those who are sick.

Buying Masks Online
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Current Updates and Notices:

Friendship Senior Options Reopening Plan
July 14, 2020
Below is a document summarizing the Phase 4 Reopening Plan for Friendship Senior Options. The document includes a Friendship Senior Options’ Cover Memo that details our approach and guiding principles as well as the Overview of the Phase 4 Reopening Plan. 

FSO Phase 4 Reopening Plan

June 1, 2020
Below is a document summarizing the Phase 3 Reopening Plan for Friendship Senior Options. The document includes Friendship Senior Options’ Guiding Principles of the Reopening Plan and an Overview of the Phase 3 Reopening Plan. 

FSO Phase 3 Reopening Plan

Total Positive COVID-19 Cases (as of 7/18/2020)
Click here for report.

Phase 1 Guidelines 
May 1, 2020

Letter to residents here.

COVID-19 Update   
Friendship Village is committed to the protection and safety of residents and staff; these remain our highest priority. 

April 28, 2020
Letter to residents here.

April 26, 2020
Letter to residents here.

April 21, 2020 
Letter to residents here.

Keeping Friendship Village safe with these protective measures
March 20, 2020

Friendship Village is taking all necessary precautions and preventive measures to keep our community safe. Residents are requested to "shelter in place" and have the necessary items delivered to your apartments by our staff. Visitors are prohibited. Read the full letter to residents here.

COVID-19 IL Visitor Policy
March 17, 2020

Beginning at 5:00 pm on Thursday, March 19 and continuing until further notice, visitors will not be permitted anywhere on the Friendship Village campus. Current Visitor restrictions in Briarwood and Willows will remain in place. A visitor is defined as anyone who is coming to the community for the express purpose of meeting with a resident. Read the full letter to residents here.

Changes to Communal Dining for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing
March 16, 2020

Beginning March 16th, communal dining in Briarwood Healthcare Center and Willows Assisted Living will be restricted. This means most Briarwood and Willows residents will be served meals in their rooms except for those residents who need assistance or require a level of supervision during meals. Read the full letter to residents here.

Restrictions of Visit to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing 
March 12, 2020

New directives from the Illinois Department of Public Health require Friendship Village to restrict Visits to Briarwood and Willow/Reflections. Until March 18th visiting is prohibited to these areas for ALL visitors. An exception may be made for the visit to a resident judged to be at end-of-life. Such visits are limited to one person per day. Visitors below the age of 18 are not allowed. All visitors must be screened and have temperatures taken before entry is granted.

Screening & Protocols update
March 11, 2020

Friendship Village is implementing visitor screening and protocols throughout the community. Individuals under the age of 18 will not be admitted in the community. All visitors will be screened upon entering the community as is now required by CMS regulations. Residents and associates who travel are being screened upon their return. Individuals will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days after their return. Our associates are given clear instructions not to come to work if they are ill or contagious. Hand washing or hand sanitizing is actively promoted. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the community. Families of residents were asked to refrain from any social visits to the community, coming to the community only when absolutely necessary.

Here are a few videos from the leading health organizations in the world to help answer your questions

Additional Information

Below are some links with information regarding Coronavirus. This information is provided for your assistance. 

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization

Johns Hopkins University: Center for Health Security