The Benefits of a Senior Living Community

There are more reasons than one to make the move into a senior living community. First and foremost, who doesn’t want to live a more enjoyable, carefree, activity filled life? Cutting out the unnecessary stresses and inconveniences and upgrading to a life that is built around you, for you. Here is why:

It’s more affordable than you may think.

Senior living communities are not only for the wealthy. When you weigh the costs of living at Friendship Village versus on your own, you’ll find that the difference in price is actually quite comparable and definitely worth the value.

The dining options are endless.

Whether it’s a nostalgic home cooked family meal or a local restaurant favorite, Friendship Village offers a selection of menu items throughout the day and an array of venues to enjoy them at: full-service, fine dining restaurants, a sleek bar and lounge, a market/cafe and a neighborhood grill. You’ll be surprised to find that you may be eating better and always leaving room for dessert.

Why wait? Make the move and start living your best life.

Did you know you can move in at just 62? Why wait? When a life changing event happens; an illness, health complication or injury, it’s often times too late. You've worked hard to get to this point in life. It’s time to reward yourself. Enjoy all that Friendship Village has to offer.

It gives you the freedom to live your best life.

Did you know that 92% of residents who opted for senior living are happier and ultimately satisfied with their decision. Say hello to a schedule on your terms. No more worrying about cutting the grass, house chores or other seemingly endless responsibilities. Live life the way you want it! Building new friendships, exploring your interests and discovering new ones allows you to really start living the life. Every day is your day!