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A Preference for Solitude is Ok Too!!

Extroverts, introverts, and every ‘vert’ in between: 

Friendship Village welcomes and accommodates them all. 

We admittedly promote the extraordinary programs and activities that are offered here. Many of our residents want to spend their retirement years among their peers; learning, creating, dancing, working out, exploring, and more; and we offer it all. 

But the key is that they’re opportunities from which you can choose, should you please. And if you don’t please, that’s fine too. We are also the perfect home for those who prefer a life, or at least periods of isolophilia; a strong feeling or preference for solitude...for spending time on your own. 

Some of our residents like to spend quiet time in their apartments or on our beautiful grounds enjoying solitary hobbies and pursuits: reading, writing, reflecting, meditating, creating, walking, gardening, fishing, and more. We believe that if this makes you feel fulfilled and happy, then it’s a type of self-care, and we certainly support that! You’ve earned the right to do what you want, with (or without) whomever you want, when you want.

“Our goal in the lifestyles department is to promote and support the well-being and engagement of all of our residents. Sometimes that is done through events and programming, and sometimes it is supported by simply having resources available and nurturing an environment where residents feel free to explore their own interests and passions on their own terms. The diversity of how each individual expresses themselves through their leisure time enhances our rich and vibrant community culture,” said Carla Smith, Director of Lifestyles. 

What’s most important is that no one ever has to feel lonely or isolated. There’s security and joy in knowing that there are always friends, neighbors, and staff available to keep you company, check on you, grab a quick drink, make you laugh, hug you, and help you with whatever you need. 

There’s a difference between being alone because you want to (isolophilia) and being lonely because you have to. At Friendship Village, you’ll never have to be alone. 

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