Snicker Bar Salad-It's Better Than You Might Think!

Chocolate bars in a salad? It was much better than the description might lead you to believe.

Snicker’s sea bass salad was the recipe shared for the weekly Prepare and Taste program for the circle of friends at the Friendship Village seniors’ community in Schaumburg last week.

Circle of Friends, coordinated by Joshlyn Johnson of the Lifestyles department, is a program designed to provide engaging social and recreational activities in a smaller, guided setting. As part of the larger calendar of programs and events offered at Friendship Village, these more intimate gatherings are appealing to many, including new residents. They are designed to get people out of their apartments and into the community.

Circle of Friends offers encouragement to participate in programs through personal invitations, phone call reminders, and the company of old and new friends.

Circle of Friends was started in order to get residents out, build their confidence and make sure there’s nothing they think they can’t do. Including, but not limited to, sharing the Snicker’s Bar Salad.

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