Claim to Fame is That She's Never Turned On Her Stove

When Barbara Hershberger first moved into Friendship Village senior living community 8 years ago, she made the decision to rent her apartment rather than buy-in. “My money was tied up in other ways, and they offered me a rental option. She receives all of the same amenities as every Friendship Village resident. 

Barbara is excited about the new rental agreements being offered to incoming residents. “I was grateful for the opportunity to become part of this community, and I am glad that we’ll be able to welcome additional new neighbors,” she said.

Barbara’s self-professed most notorious claim to fame is that she’s never turned on her stove or oven Since living in the community.

Barbara’s apartment has a lovely, well-equipped kitchen. While she admittedly may use her microwave and fridge, she doesn’t cook.

No need.

With five wonderful dining venues within its walls, Friendship Village offers all the fresh, healthy food she could want. And she enjoys the opportunity to visit with friends while dining in one of Friendship Village’s many great eateries.

Moving here, Barbara said, “was the best thing I ever did. My family feels the same way. I stay active and engaged. I’m 87, and I’m healthier and getting more mental stimulation than ever before.”

One of the most extraordinary things about living at Friendship Village, Barbara said, is that she feels like she’s emerged from living “in a cocoon. Here, at Friendship Village, I’ve found people of different faiths, cultures, and ethnicities, as well as interests and hobbies. It’s very enriching,” she said. 

Barbara has been on the residency association, pom pom squad, choir, Laff a Minute comedy group, marketing ambassadors, prayer group, current event discussion groups, and card groups. She works out and participates in dancercise and line dancing. She has conducted interviews with interesting residents for Friendship Village’s in-house television. “Everybody here has a special story,” she said.

What she doesn’t do is cook…because she doesn't want to. Nor does she have to deal with any of the burdens of home ownership.