Administrator is Passionate about Life Care

Nick Campbell, the new administrator of Briarwood Healthcare Center at Friendship Village, is passionate about caring for others. Always motivated by helping people, Nick’s first career, beginning right after high school, was as a firefighter/EMT. After 18 years in that role, he earned his Master of Healthcare Administration degree and his nursing home administrator (NHA) certification. He said that he brings a new perspective to his role, as a former fireman with life safety compliance and front-line experience.

Nick is a strong proponent of working in a Life Care setting. One of the significant benefits, he said, is the opportunity for the staff to have initial interactions with residents while they’re still in the independent stage of life. The team is then best able to support them as they go through the aging process and potentially need more health services. “When residents move through our continuum of care, we already have an established relationship and know personal interests, routines, and habits. We’re able to provide better resident-centered focused care, and we’re dedicated to that,” said Nick.

Furthermore, Nick is committed to not-for-profit senior living. “This is the most important factor for me. I don’t ever want to sacrifice any type of care for someone in order for someone else to make money,” he said.

Nick said when he first came to Friendship Village, “I saw how beautiful and meticulously maintained it is. This directly reflects how much the staff cares about the quality of life we’re providing the residents.”

As is his leadership style, when Nick came to Friendship Village, he hit the ground running, explaining that he takes pleasure in and responsibility for rolling up his sleeves and helping his dedicated team. “I don’t need to spend my day crunching numbers; I need to be on the floor, passing trays, visiting with the residents, etc. We can all be helping each other, providing the best resident-centered care.” In return, he said, “The residents are grateful that our staff is comprised of genuine, compassionate people, here to help them live the best life they can live.”

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