FACT: You certainly can at Friendship Village

Friendship Village has always been very pet-friendly. So, both of you can settle happily into your spacious new home and enjoy the best in life. Your little buddy will meet lots of engaging people and have a 60-acre campus to explore.

Pets can make people happier. And healthier.

We not only love pets because they’re so lovable! They’re also great for a person’s well-being. Studies show that pet owners ages 50+ are more likely to stay physically active, eat better and have lower cholesterol and blood pressure. And there’s more. The National Poll on Healthy Aging found that nearly nine-out-of-ten pet owners reported their pets helped them enjoy life and made them feel loved.

Not all communities allow pets.

Don’t feel you have to make a choice between your best friend and making the move. When you’re considering a senior living community, make sure they’re pet-friendly (some aren’t), and, if they are, what types of pets are allowed.

It’s time to enjoy a great life at any age.

Take the first step to a wonderful new life for you and your four-legged friend at Chicagoland’s premier Life Plan Community.

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