MYTH 6: Moving is too much of a hassle.

FACT: We make your move easier and less stressful.

Moving at any age can be stressful. But when you’re older, and it’s a home with decades of memories – and years of accumulated possessions – the thought of moving can become overwhelming. And that can keep you from taking advantage of all the life-enriching benefits that a community like Friendship Village can offer.

Here's the solution: When checking out prospective communities, ask them if they’ll help you with your move. Many won’t. But we will! We call it Wrap, Pack & Move and it takes the work and stress out of transitioning to your new home.

Here's the solution: Friendship Village’s complimentary Wrap, Pack & Move Program provides you personalized assistance from a certified senior move manager. They’ll help you downsize and supervise every aspect of your move: 

  • Cleaning, sorting, organizing and removing unwanted items
  • Hiring a realtor and moving company from our preferred provider network
  • Staging your house for sale
  • Packing up everything
  • Being at your house on moving day to ensure your move goes smoothly
  • Unpacking and arranging your possessions at your new home

And when you arrive, our Friendship Village move-in coordinator will be waiting to make sure you’re comfortably settled in.

Make the move and be more assured about the future.

As a Life Plan Community, Friendship Village offers both independent living residences and access to higher levels of care – assisted living, skilled care, and memory care – should you need them, right on one campus. This guarantees you not only a home for life, but a lifetime to enjoy the myriad of services, amenities, and fun programs that Friendship Village has to offer each day – all under one roof!