Resident is Happily Living His Best Life

Why don’t cannibals like clowns? Because they taste funny.

Such is the goofy wit of Jewel Osco’s oldest, longest tenured, and, in all likelihood, most beloved crew member.

Allan (Big Al) Dalgleish, a resident of Friendship Village senior living community in Schaumburg, has worked at Jewel in Arlington Heights for more than 37 years since his first official retirement. Formerly a print broker, Al found retirement boring, so he took a part-time job at the deli counter at Jewel. At almost 90, the energetic man continues to work 20 hours per week. “It keeps me busy. I like to joke around with the customers, and I try to help make their shopping fun,” he said, adding, “I have customers now who were kids when I started there and are now adults.”

When not at work, Al is busy at Friendship Village, which he’s called home for ten years. “I work out, fish, and play Wii bowling. I like our annual Silver Games competition. I usually win 6-8 medals,” he said. 

“Al is clearly living his best life here at Friendship Village, enjoying all the programs and amenities without the burdens and responsibilities of home ownership,” said Carla Smith, Director of Lifestyles. “He’s a good friend and great role model to many!”