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Movies Take Centerstage

A good movie can evoke powerful emotions, from laughter to sadness to joy and thrills. There’s a reason why the film industry is so beloved, and cinemas can be found most everywhere across the globe. 

Movies can be an escape from the every day and more than just a pastime or hobby. PsychCentral shares how movies aid relaxation, increase motivation, improve relationships, and reduce stress. Old movies can be particularly powerful as they provide a sense of nostalgia that can boost one’s mood and enhance a sense of self. writes that “nostalgia helps us keep track of who we are.” It turns out that thinking back to the “good old days” is therapeutic and beneficial. 

A group of scholars in Iran took a look at the impacts of movie-watching on older adults. Their study identified Group Movie Therapy as a practice that “improves an individual’s awareness, cognition, and emotion.” Study participants watched movies weekly over a six-week period, including sharing their thoughts in discussion groups afterward. The research found that movie-watching improved self-esteem and problem-solving among participants. In turn, they showed improvement in activities of daily living such as shopping, food preparation, and performing minor home repairs. 

Residents of Friendship Village senior living community in Schaumburg enjoy an entertaining flick just like everyone else. Recent films shown as part of the Movie Memories series right on-site include classics like “ET” and more recent fare such as “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and “It’s Complicated.” Off-campus, AMC Streets of Woodfield 20 is a short drive from Friendship Village, offering reserved seating, luxurious recliners, and a full-service bar. 

From romantic comedies to action adventures, movies can be a wonderful escape for people of almost any age. Anyone who’s experienced the thrill of a film on the big screen can appreciate that. 

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