Friendship Village Expands Men's Programming

While the famous song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, the fact is that the same is true for guys. Men just wanna have fun; dudes connecting with other dudes, boys being boys. Male friendships are important for their well-being and sense of connectedness, but oftentimes, older adult men have a more difficult time bonding. It’s a little bit generational and very much driven by opportunities or lack thereof. Friendship Village is rising to the challenge of promoting male camaraderie by enhancing its men’s programming. While the senior living community’s abundant activities and events are open to all residents, new items are being added to the calendars that are likely to especially appeal to men. As this happens, said Joshlyn Johnson, lifestyles coordinator, she’s finding more and more male residents who have not been involved in activities, are beginning to join in, and enjoying themselves. 

Friendship Village is one of, if not the only, Chicago-area senior living community with on-site fishing. Their three ponds, totaling more than six acres in size, have species including largemouth bass, blue gill, channel catfish and more, for catch and release. Lifelong fishermen, new enthusiasts and those somewhere in-between are enjoying the opportunity to fish easily and conveniently whenever they desire.

In addition to fishing, other activities developed for men include a woodcraft class, creative paint and sip program, shuffleboard games, model train club, men’s Wii bowling, outings, and more. A remote-control extravaganza is coming up later this summer. The community’s extensive lifelong learning programs, board games, fitness classes, gardening opportunities, and other calendar items are engaging for men too.

“We’re glad to have our male residents participating in more and more programs. They’re pursuing their hobbies, trying new things, and forming strong friendships,” said Carla Smith, director of lifestyles.

They are finding that life is better among friends.

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