Refuge for Reflection, Meditation and Prayer-Regardless of a Faith Tradition

It’s a refuge for reflection, meditation, and prayer, regardless of a faith tradition.

The chapel at Friendship Village senior living community in Schaumburg was just refreshed, updated, and rededicated. Residents of the spiritual life committee decided that the space could be made more inviting and welcoming to all residents. The mission of the committee is “to support the diverse spiritual needs of our Friendship Village community, and to enrich the spiritual well-being of all residents, volunteers, and guests,” said Chaplain Melanie Tornquist. The chapel, which was initially built and dedicated 15 years ago, benefited from updating in order to offer a “space that is quiet, reflective, conducive to prayer and would feel inviting and sacred to anyone, no matter their faith tradition, including those who don’t identify with any tradition but value spirituality.”

Updates to the chapel included a new banner without symbols of any specific faith tradition, drawing focus to peace; candles for light, inspiration, hope, and visual warmth; a cabinet for storing and access to devotional items specific to a faith tradition; a prayer journal for adding prayer requests or offering prayers for those requested, and more.

A rededication event was held last week. “The spiritual life committee wanted to celebrate and welcome people by inviting them to the dedication and reception. They hoped people would see it and want to use it,” said Melanie. “We had really nice feedback.”

Attendees received bookmarks with a picture of the chapel candles and the theme: For Prayer, for Quiet, for All. “People really seemed to love these,” said Melanie.

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