...And Saving New Residents a Few Bucks

We are not following the trends; in fact, we’re outright rejecting them and setting our own preferable direction. 

As prices are skyrocketing while supplies are dwindling in nearly every market, product, and industry, Friendship Village of Schaumburg defies these practices. Over the past months, we have carefully reassessed and revalued our prices for independent living apartments and eliminated costly premiums, resulting in lower, competitive, and accurate pricing for the product. Furthermore, we are offering alternatives to our traditional entrance fee and buy-in option, enabling residents to move into our community on a newly reduced rental basis. 

The new pricing and contracts, as well as our unique Friendship Satisfaction Guarantee, make moving to Friendship Village easier and risk-free. 

With our new promises and incentives and the imminent Midwestern winter ahead, this is the perfect time to consider Friendship Village senior living community. 

Life is better among friends!