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I resolve to...

People have been making New Year’s resolutions—or at least some form of an annual promise—since at least the time of the Roman Empire. So what makes these yearly goals so attractive? Well, a lot of things, actually. 

Author Federica Cascia writes that there are at least four potential benefits of making New Year’s resolutions: 

  • Motivation
  • Taking Control
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Self-Esteem

New Year’s resolutions can be the catalyst to change unwanted habits and adopt new practices that lead to a more fulfilling life. In a world with so much uncertainty, a resolution can help to take charge of one’s life and be a wonderful acknowledgement of what’s possible. There’s the achievement of setting a goal and the satisfaction of reaching it. Cascia states that: “When this mechanism is working, our confidence level will skyrocket, as will our self-esteem.” 

Can’t think of a resolution? Parade offers 55 ideas for 2022, featuring everything from the typical (exercise more) to the creative (travel somewhere with no map). Influencer Mik Zazon writes, “… I want to inform readers that resolutions are in fact NOT an invitation to start a diet or a workout plan but a beautiful reminder that a new year can bring new life to our passions.” 

Friendship Village makes many of the top 55 goals so easy to attain. For instance, #1, to focus on a passion and #30, to start a new hobby, can go hand-in-hand. With the many programs, activities and clubs, you can create arts and craft projects, participate in lifelong learning programs, and attend live entertainment.

#2, to work out to feel good, is convenient with our aquatic and fitness center and many different types of fitness classes for all levels. One of our favorites is our own pom pom squad.

#4, to give one complement each day would be harder to break than keep at Friendship Village. Our wonderful residents and staff make that a natural reaction rather than a forced promise.

#7, to read a book a month, is facilitated by our close proximity to the Schaumburg Public Library, as well as our own libraries and book clubs on-site.

Eating better is not on the ‘official’ list but is certainly on our community’s list. At Friendship Village, we have multiple dining venues in which our dining team offers diverse menus with fresh, chef-prepared meals.

#51, to go to bed happy each night, is a slam dunk at Friendship Village. Our beautiful campus, abundant amenities, wonderful staff and resident, and carefree living among friends make life so good!

Having a goal and working toward it can be a fulfilling endeavor unto itself. And that’s the opportunity that we have on New Year’s Day and every January when the year begins anew.

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