No-Obligation 90-Day Stay Within Our Own Safe Bubble

What has been a popular program for many years has taken on greater significance in 2020. For more than ten years, Friendship Village’s annual Weather the Winter Program has given seniors the opportunity for a 90-day no-obligation trial visit at the senior living community. “Our guests stay in one of our beautifully furnished apartments and are introduced to our great programs, beautiful amenities, fine dining, and most of all, our wonderful residents,” said Patricia Mash, vice president of planning and marketing for Friendship Senior Options. 

Weather the Winter has historically been viewed as offering a welcome reprieve from having to deal with the Midwest’s notoriously brutal winters while allowing seniors to enjoy the busy and engaging activities calendar. “People have likened this to taking a very nice vacation in a beautiful setting with everything they need within our walls,” said Mash. “The beauty of Weather the Winter is that it takes the anxiety out of making a big move to a retirement community. Seniors can try it out here, test the food, experience the activities and entertainment, and meet new friends without a long-term obligation. All you need to do is pack your suitcase. It makes the decision to stay so easy.’

Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mash added. “Weather the Winter is also seen as providing a safe haven. We are our own protective bubble. We are vigilant in maintaining and even exceeding the guidance of health agencies and infectious disease specialists. Our mitigation procedures are impressive. Studies show that someone is less likely to contact COVID-19 while living at Friendship Village than living at home in the surrounding area. This makes Weather the Winter even more attractive.”

Individuals interested in learning more about Weather the Winter, visit or call 847-969-5397.

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