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Virtual Adventures During Social Distancing

Residents at Friendship Village are accustomed to having a multitude of activities, programs, and events to keep them active and engaged. While we’re practicing some social distancing with the rest of the country right now, we don’t have to be sedentary. 

The Internet is currently rife with suggestions of what to do while remaining at home for the safety of ourselves and others. They range from the practical (transfer photos from your phone to a hard drive) to the silly (grow an avocado) to the intriguing (write an email to your future self) and even downright contradictory (throw away all those newspapers; repurpose them into a collage). 

AARP offers a variety of online games ranging from those that are simply fun and enjoyable to those that help keep cognitive skills sharp. Memory games for all age groups, are offered at

Many Friendship Village residents are world travelers.  Through the miracle of modern technology, they need not rest on their respective laurels…virtually speaking. Some great minds and publications have compiled lists of fabulous adventures. USA Today’s story includes links to virtual tours of the National Parks, zoos and aquariums, the Great Wall of China, and even a 3D replica of Mars.

The astounding website, Google Earth,  provides hours if not days worth of exploration including street views of exotic destinations, cultural celebrations, the opportunity to follow the Tokyo 2020 Olympics torch, pictures of the earth at night from the NASA Earth Observatory, animals and wildlife of the world,  literary locations in real life, and more…so much more. 

Although museums, musical performances, plays, and other cultural endeavors are closed to the public right now, as the saying goes, ‘the show must go on,’ and in fact, is doing exactly that.  CNN has compiled a list of recorded and streaming concerts, plays, ballets, and operas with free virtual admission! has put together a similar social distancing list that features museums, as well as virtual visits to Disneyland and Disney World, and even a simulated rollercoaster ride. 

If weather permits, Friendship Village’ acres of gorgeous grounds, beautiful and inspiring in all seasons, beckon residents to take a stroll outside. Mother Nature is also on full view through our generous windows that invite sun and sky inside. 

These are uncharted, trying times indeed. But until the outside world becomes everyone’s oyster once more, including the historic, vibrant city of Schaumburg, we can take the time to relax, connect, and participate in ‘adventure’ from the comfort of your own home. 

At Friendship Village, “staying home” is a pleasure, not a pain. 



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