Bringing Exotic Destinations to the Residents

Since the residents can’t go to Egypt right now, the next best thing is to bring Egypt to them. Residents in Willows Assisted Living at Friendship Village senior living community in Schaumburg have been introduced to a new program called Get Set to Jet Set. The initiative features travel-themed activities and handouts that can be used room-to-room in the interest of maintaining social distancing.

Earlier this month, the residents ‘traveled’ to Egypt, sampling Egyptian snacks, learning to write their names in hieroglyphics, and modeling for photos with an Egyptian usekh (ornamental collar).

William Van Giesen, lifestyles manager, and Jo Connor, lifestyles assistant, have spearheaded the project. “Residents have so many wonderful memories of the travel that they’ve enjoyed during their lifetimes, and this is a perfect way for them to relive and share some of their travel-memories,” said Carla Smith, assistant director of lifestyles. “Residents are encouraged to talk about their travel experiences with their neighbors through targeted interviews and written spotlights appearing in the handouts.”

In addition to Egypt, the residents have visited Italy. Over the upcoming weeks, they’ll be taking a road trip within the U.S., with stops including St. Louis and Shawnee National Forest.

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