Mother's Day Motorcade-Saturday May 9

Friendship Village will help families celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend with a special Mother’s Day Motorcade for residents’ family members to drive-by on the campus.  We have set aside specific times on Saturday May 9th if you or your family wish to participate. 

If a resident lives in:

·      Bridgewater Place, visit is between 10:00 am - 11:00 am

·      Bridgegate Dogwood or Cedar Pavilions, visit is between 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

·      Bridgegate Apple and Birch Pavilions (independent living residents only) and Crosswell Trace Garden Homes, visit is between 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

What Residents need to know about the motorcade:

Residents may watch the vehicle drive-by visit from the sidewalk near their building if they choose to. Residents are responsible for getting to their specific motorcade viewing location on their own.  Residents must wear a mask, and keep physical distancing of 6 feet between individuals. 

Residents can assemble to see the motorcade in these areas:

·      Bridgewater Place-BWP Entrance Circle and adjacent to BWP Parking Lot and Five Oaks – from BWP Parking Lot to the BWP Garage Ramp

·      Bridgegate Dogwood or Cedar Pavilions-North of the Birch and Cedar Pavilions, West of the Cedar and Dogwood Pavilions and on the South half of the Bridgegate Entrance Circle

·      Bridgegate Apple and Birch Pavilions (independent living residents only) and Crosswell Trace Garden Homes-Adjacent to Crosswell Trace garden homes 101 through 161 Garden Way, south of the Ginkgo Pavilion, and east of the Apple Pavilion

What Family Members need to know about the motorcade:

The drive-by visit will be filmed and will air on the in house tv channel at a later date. 

We encourage family members to have signs identifying themselves or the resident they are visiting at Friendship Village.  Decorated cars, posters, signs, and balloons are welcomed.  Be sure to include your family name on your poster.  This is a vehicle drive-by visit which means there is absolutely no stopping or exiting of the vehicle at any time.  Staff members will be outside directing the drive-by visit route. 

It is essential that vehicles enter and exit the community through the entrance on Pleasant Drive. 

We are communicating these plans through Caremerge and this Village Dispatch, but we also advise residents and family members to coordinate their participation. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!