When Real Hugs Can't be Shared...


Velma Robinson is a hugger and is not going to let a pandemic get in the way of delivering her much appreciated embraces…in a social distancing kind of way.  The resident of Friendship Village in Schaumburg is the quintessence of a people-person. “I’m always giving hugs to people, and now I can’t actually do that. So I made cross-stitched ‘hugs,’ and I give those to people instead,” she said. To date, Velma has stitched and distributed her hugs to more than 50 people.


“Our residents are always looking for ways to keep their friends’ spirits up,” said Delight Davenport, lifestyles activities coordinator for Friendship Village. “Velma is an amazing lady with so many interests and talents.  It’s typical Velma to do something sweet and upbeat for her fellow residents and staff."


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