Friendship Village is Not a Nursing Home

Two men having a beer

Sometimes when people hear the phrases “retirement community” or “senior living community” it conjures up images of nursing homes of generations gone by. Institutional settings filled with sadness, loneliness and sub-par care. 

Today’s retirement communities are far from that antiquated image. In fact according to a study by Scanlon and Layton, statistics show that residents of continuing care retirement communities have a longer life expectancy than their peers. 

Unfortunately, the idea of nursing homes have been so engrained in popular culture that it’s hard to see just how vibrant and empowering today’s communities can be. 

But we can tell you with complete certainty that Friendship Village is NOT a nursing home. Do people in nursing homes go go-karting, enjoy weekly happy hours and take European vacations? Because that is exactly what the residents of Friendship Village do. 

We’re changing perceptions about aging by offering a senior living community in Chicago that delivers a vibrant, independent lifestyle with a complete continuum of care to offer support throughout your lifetime. Friendship Village is Chicago’s premier senior living community dedicated to providing exceptional retirement living options, top-notch amenities, convenient services and exciting programming. 

As a Life Care community, you will find independent living, assisted living, memory support and rehabilitation services, as well as nursing care all on site. This means that no matter how your needs may change, you are set for life and will always have a home here. 

Best of all, our living options and care services are held to the strictest industry standards so you can be assured you will be receiving high quality care. Residents enjoy a more secure and successful future knowing they have the lifelong protection of a Life Care plan. While we do offer nursing care, we’re so much more than that. We’re a community of active, smart people who plan to live well as they age. It’s a fresh perspective for a group of people who are dashing stereotypes at every turn! 

Come see what our community and residents have to offer – but you’ll have to hurry, they’re on the move and not slowing down. Certainly, not what you’d expect from a “nursing home.”