Friendship Village Holds 11th Annual Silver Games

Silver Games 2018

Last month, approximately 177 participants ages 62 and over competed in more than 25 events including water volleyball, basketball free throw, 1-mile relay, archery, Sudoku, and fishing, as Friendship Village in Schaumburg held their 11th Annual Silver Games. 

Silver Games feature friendly competition for seniors and encourage exercise of both the body and the brain. New this year, were the stations in the popular obstacle course. Julie Hubbard, exercise physiologist at Friendship Village, explained that all the stations were set up for functional movement. “This included picking up small cereal puffs with chop-sticks, a balance hop-scotch, move-the-cup across a string by blowing through a straw for pulmonary health, squirt-down targets for hand-eye coordination, and more.”

The Silver Games are coordinated by Friendship Village and the Schaumburg Park District. The Barn of Schaumburg helped to sponsor the event and provided volunteers. While the primary focus is celebrating seniors, the games are also a great example of the amazing things that can happen through community partnerships. 

The Silver Games are developed for all ability, activity and interest levels. 

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