Residents Honor Young Swimmers with Disabilities with Knighthood

Little Knights

On Saturday, June 3rd, children with Down syndrome were knighted in celebration of their completion of a swimming initiative. Friendship Village in Schaumburg provided their pool and their residents for this unique program called Little Knights,

Friendship Village has a state-of-art aquatic center that is made available to local organizations for use.

The British Swim School offers swimming lessons, often using community pools.

Through GiGi’s Playhouse, Friendship Village identified children who might not have other opportunities or resources to learn to swim. These ten children participated in a series of swimming lessons from the British Swim School, at Friendship Village, with residents of the senior community volunteering as swim buddies. There was no charge for the program.

“We were so pleased to be offering such a powerful intergenerational program,” said Mike McCann, director of lifestyles for Friendship Village. “Everyone benefitted. The residents love volunteering, and especially, helping out children. All kids should be able to swim, and we worked with some who might not otherwise have the chance to learn. Everyone had a great time.”

A special graduation program was held on Saturday, June 3rd at Friendship Village. The children were “knighted” for their courageous effort and brave achievements!