The 10 Commandments for Caring for Aging Parent and Loved Ones

  • Honor your loved ones
  • Accept them as they are, not who they used to be or who you want them to be
  • Don't nag, correct, or argue. Re-direct the discussion and ignore the way history is being re-written. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things
  • Dispense with denial, try to be realistic and accept the changes that are taking place. Are your loved ones safe? What is their quality of life?
  • Allow them to be as independent as possible. Do not be overprotective.
  • Let go of the past, old battles need to be put aside for wounds to heal. It is healthier to forgive
  • Remember this is their life, not yours, see things through their eyes
  • Respect their wishes
  • Set limits. For yourself and with your loved ones, avoid martyrdom
  • Enjoy the time you have together. Time is finite, make it count

By Marsha R. Foley, RN, MBA Courtesy of AMITA Health System

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