Signs Your Loved One May Need to Stop Driving

One of the touchiest subjects between adult children and their parents or other loved ones is when they should stop driving. The following checklist outlines some key indicators that it may be time for your loved one to relinquish the car keys.

  • Driving too fast or too slow
  • Relying on passengers for help to navigate the road
  • Failing to yield or obey traffic signals
  • Inability to judge the distance between other cars
  • Increasing number of accidents or near misses
  • Drifting across lane markings or bumping into curbs
  • Forgetting to turn on headlights after dark
  • Being bothered by glare from oncoming headlights, streetlights or other bright objects
  • Getting lost repeatedly in familiar areas
  • Reacting too slowly in turning the wheel or hitting the brakes to avoid obstacles including pedestrians and other drivers

With a move to Friendship Village, your loved one will never again have to worry about filling up the tank, finding a parking space or shoveling the driveway -- and you’ll have peace of mind knowing their safety comes first, but not at the expense of their independence. Let us do the driving! We provide courtesy scheduled transportation to retail stores, the library, doctor’s visits and other local destinations, as well as for special events and group outings. 

Ready to take the next step? To learn more about how Friendship Village can help you and your loved ones Get Set 4 Life®, please call us at 847-490-6271 to speak with a Friendship Village Residency Counselor.

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