Signs That Your Loved One’s Health May be Declining

Changes in your aging parent’s or loved one’s behavior and overall demeanor may signal a decline in health. If you answer yes to two or more of the following questions, it's time to talk to your parent or loved one about making a change.

  • Are they failing to eat properly and regularly?
  • Is the house unusually cluttered or dirty?
  • Are they wearing the same clothes and not bathing regularly?
  • Are they missing appointments?
  • Do they forget to take their medication?
  • Have they lost weight recently?
  • Have they lost touch with friends?
  • Are they neglecting their bills?
  • Has their mood changed dramatically?
  • Do they have trouble getting around?

For older people, loneliness and isolation are among the biggest factors in failing mental and physical health. 

At Friendship Village, your parent or loved one could have a private apartment with so many things provided — housekeeping, all maintenance, access to five different dining locations, courtesy scheduled transportation and a full schedule of fun and interesting events with new neighbors and friends their own age. Plus, we have an on-site AMITA Health Physicians Center with access to an array of healthcare professionals.

If your parents or loved ones need more help, consider Friendship Village where you have access to independent living with many services available and access to assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing care if they ever need it.

Ready to take the next step? To learn more about how Friendship Village can help you and your loved ones Get Set 4 Life®, please call us at 847-490-6271 to speak with a Friendship Village Residency Counselor.

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