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A variation on a trial stay is offered at Friendship Village, a large retirement community in Schaumburg. The “Weather the Winter” program allows seniors to live at the community for any three months from Oct. 1- March 31. Seniors get a fully furnished apartment, a meal program and access to campus events and programming. “Bring yourself and your suitcase,” says Dean Dellaria, director of sales at Friendship Village. Since the program is truly a trial run before a permanent move, seniors must put down a deposit and fill out all the paperwork as if they were making a long-term commitment for an apartment. If they decide to leave the community, the deposit is returned.

The program has been so successful that it’s now also offered from April 1- Sept. 30. During the warm months, it’s called a “90-Day Getaway.”

The 90-day trial period is important, says Dellaria. It takes that long for new or trial residents to learn their way around the community, make friends and start taking full advantage of the programs and activities.

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