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Concept illustration of The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden is the Foundation’s first Capital Campaign Project.

Residents of Willows Assisted Living now have a beautiful new garden to enjoy, thanks to the completion of the with renovation of the Secret Garden.

The first Capital Campaign Project of the Friendship Senior Service Foundation, the Secret Garden completes the Campus Master Plan’s initiative to provide outdoor environments for all Friendship Village residents.

Not only does it look beautiful, but also research has shown that having access to outdoor space is beneficial for seniors by lowering stress levels and increasing brain activity that decreases the signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Secret Garden provides secure, comfortable opportunities for residents through a number of beautiful and convenient design elements:

  • Wood porch with ample seating opportunities and covered entry
  • Two-tone labyrinth maze used for meditation, reflective exercises and spiritual pursuits
  • Relaxing water feature
  • Wide, winding sidewalks for easy two-way traffic
  • Raised planting beds with colorful flowers
  • Semi-private outdoor dining patio for small groups
  • New entrances for easier accessibility

Keep look at our gallery of photos which track the progress on the Secret Garden.

  • Location: Providing Outdoor Access to Willows, Assisted Living.
  • Designs were created and reviewed by two resident focus groups, resident interviews and an associate focus group.
  • Curved sidewalks wide enough for two scooters to pass each other.
  • Current space before renovations.
  • Clearing and development are underway.
  • Secret Garden: 4.29.13
  • Secret Garden: 5.6.13
  • Secret Garden: 5.13.13
  • Secret Garden: 5.20.13
  • Secret Garden: 5.30.13
  • Secret Garden: 6.4.13
  • Secret Garden: 6.10.13
  • Secret Garden: 6.18.13
  • Secret Garden: 7.3.13
  • Secret Garden: 7.10.13
  • Secret Garden: 7.31.13
  • Secret Garden: 8.8.13
  • Secret Garden: 8.12.13
  • Secret Garden: 8.12.13
  • Secret Garden: 8.12.13
  • Secret Garden: Complete.
  • Secret Garden: View of Labyrinth.
  • Secret Garden: View of Water Feature.
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