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Friendship Village's Grand Slam

It is another grand slam as Friendship Village senior living community and Schaumburg Boomers baseball team enjoy their seventh summer together. The mutually beneficial relationship between the two local community-oriented organizations places two young players in residence at the Life Plan
Better Together

Inaptly Named 'Retirement'

Posted on Jun 5, 2019

What does the term retirement community have in common with koala bear, funny bone, and two-toed sloth? The answer is, they’re all ‘misnomers.' A koala bear is really a marsupial, not a bear. The funny bone, which is not a bone; is actually the ulnar nerve and it’s anything but funny when you hit
Industry News

Travel Without Worry

Posted on Dec 28, 2018

Whether you’re taking your dream vacation or just heading South for the winter, traveling comes with lots of anticipation. You plan what to pack, where to stay, what to do. Travel is fun and something to look forward to. In fact, according to AARP, 49% of seniors say they travel to relax and