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Making Friendship Village Home

Resident Donna Rauschenberg talks about making Friendship Village home.

Activities at Friendship Village

Dorothy Klein talks about activities at Friendship Village.

Life at Friendship Village

Jim and Helen Moffett talk about activities at Friendship Village.

Jim and Helen Moffett

Residents Jim and Helen Moffett answer the question "is it hard to meet people at Friendship Village?"

Dorothy Klein

Resident Dorothy Klein talks about making friends at Friendship Village.

Dorothy Klein

“Now I don’t have to worry about the snow. I just look out the window and I think how pretty it is and the worries are all behind me. No more shoveling.”

Barbara Callanan

Resident Barbara Callanan talks about living in the Schaumburg area.

Darby Bachal

"No matter what happens, I’ll be taken care of. My family doesn’t have to worry about that, I don’t have to worry about that."

Marvin Lundberg

Resident Marvin Lundberg replies to the question, "What would you tell someone who says they're not ready to move yet?"