Family Resources

Starting the conversation with your parents or loved ones about planning for their future care—and deciding what plan is the right one for them—can be overwhelming. Friendship Village is here to help. Our family resources for adult children and caregivers of senior parents and loved ones can answer your questions about retirement living options and guide you in helping your loved ones make the most of their retirement years. Our guides, FAQs, tip sheets and additional resources offer helpful, expert advice on a range of practical and emotional issues, such as how to communicate more effectively with family members, tips for caregivers of elderly parents and loved ones, retirement living options and how to prepare a senior’s home for sale.

More Resources About Healthy Aging

AARP, the national advocacy organization for retired adults, has a website devoted to education on issues of concern to older Americans, covering health and nutrition, retirement, finances and much more.

LeadingAge Illinois is one of the largest and most respected associations of not-for-profit providers serving older adults in Illinois. They focus on advocating for quality services, promoting innovative practices and fostering collaboration. 

Caregiver Action Network is a non-profit organization providing education, peer support and resources to family caregivers across the country free of charge. Its website has a wealth of educational materials and resources for caregivers and their families.

Family Caregiver Alliance is another great resource for caregivers providing a comprehensive collection of family-friendly fact and tip sheets with practical information on caregiving issues and health conditions, especially those facing older adults.

Mayo Clinic has excellent resources for older adults about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Topics range from diet and exercise to sexual health, vision and managing chronic diseases.

National Council on Aging offers a wealth of facts and health, safety and lifestyle recommendations for older adults to improve their quality of life. Topics include how to prevent falls, nutrition, flu-prevention tips and managing chronic illnesses.

Where You Live Matters provides unbiased, research-based resources that can help guide families and older people toward smart, confident decisions about where to live that best meets their needs.

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